SaudiArabia starts issuing Transit Stop Over Visa only for Saudi Airline and Flynas Travelers Worldwide

SaudiArabia starts issuing Transit Stop Over Visa only for Saudi Airline and Flynas Travelers Worldwide

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia started Transit Visa service of issuing electronic Stop-over Visa for arrivals in the Kingdom by air for all purposes, effective from Monday, Jan. 30 2023.

The Transit visa holders can stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for upto four days. The visa is free of cost and it will be issued instantly along with the flight ticket, the Saudi Press Agency reported quoting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sources.

The ministry of Saudi Arabia Introduce the service in coordination with the relevant authorities and in cooperation with the Saudi national airlines and Flynas Airways.

The Transit visa for Saudi Arabia allows transit Guests / passengers, who wish to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah in addition to traveling inside the Kingdom, as well as attending tourism events.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that applications for transit visas can be submitted through the electronic platforms of Saudi Arabian Airlines and Flynas.

This will automatically passed to the Unified National Visa Platform at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to process and issue the digital visa immediately and send it to the beneficiary via e-mail.

The Saudi Arabia ministry confirms that the digital Transit Visa service will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Saudi Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by strengthening the Kingdom’s position and benefiting from its distinguished strategic location connecting various Visits, and attractive Places for transit passengers as well as a global Saudi tourist destination.

Enjoy the Saudi stopover visa program with SAUDIA Airlines and Flynas Airways, which both Airlines allows you to book your flight through our digital channels and stop upto 96 hours with a free stay for 04 Days, during which you can perform Umrah, visit holy Places, visit tourist &  historical Sites , and other wonderful activities. In association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, they made it possible for you to obtain and apply a stopover Saudi visa immediately during the booking process.

Steps How  to book a stopover visa with SAUDIA AIRLINES AND FLYNAS AIRWAYS
Select your international departure and arrival destinations.

Make sure to prepare your personal photos on your device according to the required specifications (200 * 200px file size -20kb) before you start filling out the form.

After completing the previous steps, you will receive an email with the issued visa and insurance for the duration of your stay in Saudi Arabia.

Hotel reservations depend on the capabilities available at the time of making the reservation. A request can be submitted via the form available on the site in the event that the possibility of reservation is not available.
Electronic Stopover Visa
The electronic stopover visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The residence/ Duration  period is 96 hours, and its validity is 90 days from the date of its issuance. The periods may change according to the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The stopover Saudi visa is not extendable.
The number of stopover visits allowed for a single visa is one trip, as another stopover visa is required in the event that there are additional trips that require a stopover in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for once another visit.
Visa fees, electronic service fees, medical fees, and insurance fees for an individual are calculated and prepared according to the visa regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Obtaining the electronic stopover visa does not necessarily guarantee entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the documents will be checked by the passport officer to verify the validity of the information that was submitted.
Conditions for granting an electronic transit visa
Recognized passport that does not contain any restriction or condition and is valid for a period of six months (considering the bilateral agreements between the Kingdom and other countries regarding the validity of the passport).
A confirmed travel ticket to the intended destination, and an entry visa to it or a residence permit if you are not a citizen of the country is not one of its citizens or are exempted from obtaining a visa to said country.

Stop Over Transit Saudi Visa Terms and Conditions

Ensure that  visa sent via e-mail is printed and shown upon entering to the Kingdom.
A Saudi stopover visa is not accepted if the guest has a valid visa or documents allowing him to enter the Kingdom.
The applicant can cancel the visa if he refuses to travel, and there will be no refund for any of the visa fees after issuance, with application of all terms & conditions of Saudi Airlines and Flynas Airways for airline tickets.
You can apply for another visa immediately after canceling the current visa for any reason.
Guests Companions under the age of eighteen are included in the visa applicant’s application, as companions of this age group are not allowed to apply individually.
In the event that application is rejected for one of the applicants, all persons attached to the same application will be rejected accordingly.
The price that appears after the approval of the sent request includes all fees related to the service, including insurance fees.
Passengers who have a stopover visa and have a stopover of more than 24 hours are required to collect their baggage at the stopover station, and it is not possible to deliver the baggage if the stopover time is less than 24 hours.
Guests / Passengers will not be accepted at the originating station if the requirements for travel to the final destination are not completed.
In this event that the stopover passenger is not accepted at the transportation station, the passenger will bear the cost of returning him to the origin station at his own expenses.
The responsibility to ensure the validity of the travel documents, the validity of the visa, the duration of the layover, health requirements, attendance for the flight before the take-off time, and the amendment of the reservation after the issuance of the visa and tickets is the responsibility of the traveler.
Passenger should having a confirmed PNR to the final destination as SAUDIA will not accept separated PNR.
Passenger need to print the boarding pass and baggage tags in the origin station if the transit era does not exceed 24 hours.
Passengers who are authorized to obtain a visa upon arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and who are accompanied by a reservation for a connection will not be treated as passengers in stopover, and their travel procedures will be completed to the first station, regardless of the period of the connection, and they must fulfill all travel requirements to their final destination before embarking on travel.
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Good News for Umrah 2023 Pilgrims Jeddah airport starts free shuttle service to Makkah

Good News for Umrah 2023 Pilgrims Jeddah airport starts free shuttle service to Makkah

Good News for All the Umrah Pilgrims For 2023.
The new Umrah Transport service will take Umrah pilgrims from Terminal 1 at the airport to the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

Jeddah-  King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah has launched a free shuttle service for Umrah pilgrims .

The new service will take Umra pilgrims from Terminal 1 at the airport to the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the airport announced on Twitter.

“Beneficiaries of the service-Must be on Umrah Trip and should wear the Ihram and produce the national ID for Saudis or the passport for foreigners must Including Umrah Visa or any Type of Visa..”

UmrahTrip will depart from the airport every two hours, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and will depart from the Grand Mosque every two hours, from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Starts from January 2023 and also in Ramzan 2023.

Hajj 2023 Packages Update Ministry opens registration for domestic pilgrims and Guidelines for Haj

Ministry of Hajj & Umrah  opens registration for domestic pilgrims; Hajj2023 package costs start from SR3,984.

Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has opened registration for Hajj 1444 / Hajj 2023  pilgrims from within the Kingdom.

The Saudi ministry said that the price of domestic Hajj pilgrim packages Starts at SR 3,984.

Ministry of Hajj & Umrah said  Hajj applications can now be submitted by all Saudis and residents wishing to perform the Hajj this year i.e 2023 through its website and also via Nusuk app.

The ministry of Hajj 2023 has announced  four different types of Hajj packages for domestic pilgrims. First package costs starting from SAR 10,596 to 11,841;  Second Hajj Package from 8,092 to 8,458; third Haj Package costs @ SAR 13,150 and the fourth Hajj package,is economical services to the pilgrims, costs SR 3,984. All prices inclusive of value-added tax (VAT).

Hajj Pilgrims registered in the third package will be accommodated in the six towers located close to Jamarat in Mina.

The first class Hajj 2023 package, the camps will have sophisticated facilities & convenient services for the pilgrims.

The minimum age for the application had been set at 12 years, according to requirements announced by Saudi ministry.

Hajj Packages 2023 Priority will be given to applicants who have not performed Hajj in the past and in case vacant places are available, those who have previously performed Hajj will be included.

The ministry of Hajj  said that women’s Mahram will be excluded from the priority advantage.

The Saudi national identity (ID) or residency (iqama) should be valid until the end of Dhul Hijjah 1444 H.

The Hajj applicant must register companions who want to perform Hajj with him or her in one facility and in the same unified Class of Hajj package. He shall add companions by pressing the specific buttons for the purpose during the Hajj 2023 registration procedure. The number of companions with one applicant must not exceed 13 people.

Pilgrims must commit to the chosen package and come with the Hajj facility with which they have been registered.

All applicants are also required to complete immunization with coronavirus and “seasonal influenza” vaccines, in addition to obtaining a valid vaccination certificate proving receipt of the “ACYW quadruple meningitis” vaccine, at least 10 days before arriving at the holy sites for Hajj.

The ministry stressed that contracting and providing Hajj-related services are implemented through companies and institutions licensed by the ministry to serve pilgrims from within the Kingdom and listed on the ministry’s website. It added that registration for Hajj must be done by the pilgrim himself, urging all applicants to avoid dealing with campaigns, agents or companies that are not licensed by the Ministry.

Hajj Pilgrims are required to pay the fees of the chosen package in the specified Hajj facility option within the announced deadline date to avoid the cancellation of registration.

once a mobile number used in one registration,  cannot be used for another time.

Hajj Pilgrims must adhere to all regulations and procedures that will be issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the Ministry of Health.

The ministry said Hajj pilgrims should commit to leaving Mina according to the schedule set for the chosen package.


Riaz ul Jannah Process of Booking Appointment 2023 in Prophet Mosque Masjid Al Nabawi

Riaz ul Jannah Process of Booking Appointment 2023 in Prophet Mosque Masjid Al Nabawi

Riaz ul Jannah Process of Booking Appointment 2023 in Prophet Mosque Masjid Al Nabawi.

مسجد نبوی میں ریاض الجنۃ کی بکنگ اپائنٹمنٹ 2023 کا عمل

Community-verified icon
Table of Contnets.
  1. What is a Place Called Riaz ul Jannah in Madina ?
  2. Is Riyaz ul Jannah is one of the Gardens of Paradise ?
  3. How to Book and enter Riyaz ul Jannah -Rawdah Appointment
  4. Praying at Riaz ul Jannah
  5. Offering Prayers at Riaz ul Jannah-1000 Times Hasanat.
  6. Duas to Read while in Riaz ul Jannaht Rawdah Green Carpet Area.
  7. Female / Women Rawdah Timing ?
  8. Male/ Gents Rawdah Timings ?

What is Riaz ul Jannah ?

The Area between the Member and the sacred chamber of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) in Masjid Al Nabaw iis Called Noble Rawdah or Riaz ul Jannah.Here they have emphasized the Importance of Riyazul Jannah. Its Pillars and Guided about the Best Timigs to Enter for Ladies & Man.