Performing Umrah in Ramzan per pilgrim limited to once by Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah

Performing Umrah in Ramzan per pilgrim limited to once by Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah

This Decision was declare and made to provide opportunity and options to all other pilgrims who have desire to perform Umrah during Ramzan or Ramadan 2023.Due to Heacy Rush.
Ramzan for Muslims is The holy month around the world, and many prefer performing Umrah during this Holy month. However, by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that Umrah pilgrims are not allowed to repeat during Ramzan, and they have the right to perform it only once in full month.

This decision move is to give opportunity for all other pilgrims who have the desire to perform Umrah during the holy month and can perform the rituals with ease comfort.

No option Available to amend the Umrah date, but Umrah pilgrims can delete their Previous appointment via Nusuk app, before entering the permit time, then they can issue a new permit.

The Ministry of Saudi Arabia confirmed that the appointments are updated periodically, noting that if the pilgrims do not find a date for reservation, then they can search for another date at a later time.
The decision was made to give an opportunity to all pilgrims who have the desire to perform Umrah during the holy month.

About Nusuk App -2023
To obtain an Umrah permit for performing, Guests Must use the Nusuk App. The ministry also directed that pilgrims to follow the date and timing as there is no possibility of changing it in the system. If a pilgrim wants to make changes, Previous permit must be cancel and reapply again.

Earlier this Year the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) stated that there is no maximum or minimum limit on the number of times a pilgrim can perform Umrah in the kingdom. However, it is mandatory to comply with the directive to take an appointment for a specific time for performing the pilgrimages, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said while replying to queries.

The ministry clarified that whoever arrived in the Kingdom on a visit, tourist, or work visa can perform Umrah.

Umrah in Ramzan
Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah for Muslims, which can be performed at any time of the year. It consists of performing rituals in the Masjid Al Haram.
Performing Umrah during Ramzan is highly recommended by Islamic scholars.

By limiting the number of times a pilgrim can perform Umrah, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah aims to make the experience accessible to all who wish to perform it.

ramazan 2023 ramazan date in Saudi Arabia ramazan expected starting date in India pakistan Bangladesh and other countries

ramazan 2023 ramazan date in Saudi Arabia ramazan expected starting date in India pakistan Bangladesh and other countries.

Ramazan 2023: In India Ramazan will be starting on March 23 and end on April 22. Check out the dates in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, and other countries.

Ramazan or Ramadan The most auspicious Days of the year is almost here. Every year, Ramazan or Ramadan, also known as Ramzan or Ramazaan, the islamic ninth month of the Calendar, is celebrated by all Muslims around the world with much grandeur. This is the holy Month and is marked as the month of hope, prayers, fasting, reflections. The People of Islamic faith let go of worldly pleasures, extravagant behaviour and spending fasting time during this month. Observe fast or Roza along with their Family & friends. During this Ramazan or Ramadan time, people wake up early to eat (Sehri or Suhoor. Then untill the sunset, they do not eat or drink anything. breaking their fast by eating dates and drinking water by the sunset time. This ritual is followed by Iftar, a meal that includes all sorts of delicacies fruits .

This Ramadan 2023 in India expected to starts by Wednesday 23 March 2023, after the sighting of moon over.
and This Year Ramadan in Saudi Arabia Crescent Not Sighted, Ramadan Begins On Thursday
The Saudi Arabia Hilal Committee of Moon sighting in Sudair headed by Saudi astronomer Dr. Abdullah Khudairi was unable to sight the Ramadan 1444 crescent on Tuesday evening 21, Mar 2023. The committee seated in Tumair, Riyadh, and other areas also did not report any sightings of the Moon crescent.

Royal Court officers have sent a sealed verdict of the same to Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia to officially announce that the Kingdom and to the world the news of the results of today’s sighting.

morover, the Sha’ban Month 1444 will complete 30 days This Year, and the month of Ramadan 1444 in Saudi Arabia will begin on Thursday, 23 March 2023 Ramadan will end on April 22, 2023, and the Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Saturday, April 22, 2023. However, the dates may vary for each country. Check out expected starting date of Ramadan for countries like UAE, Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain,Qatar, Doha and more below. (Note: Final dates will be confirmed according to the moon sighting.)

Ramadan expected date in UAE, Dubai, Pakistan and other countries:
Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan is expected to begin on March 23, followed by Eid-ul-Fitr on April 21.

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Announces Issuance of Ramazan Umrah Permits For Pilgrims

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Announces Issuance of Ramazan Umrah Permits For Pilgrims.

Blog Review by Musafir Services Team.

The Ministry of Haj & Umrah  officials have announced that they start granting permits to individuals Pilgrim who wish to perform  Umrah during the holy month of Ramazan/ Ramadan. Pilgrims can request a permit online via the Nusuk App. As Ramazan holds special Spiritual significance in Islam, it is Most preferred time for pilgrims to perform Umrah, resulting in a surge and High demand for Umrah bookings Around the world.

To ease and simplify the process of requesting  permits and for arranging packages for Umrah, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has employed the Authorized Umrah Travel Agents accordingly. They will allow Pilgrims to obtain the necessary visa for performing Umrah2023 and visiting holy sites, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Moreover, the Saudi  Kingdom is providing pilgrims with multiple visa options, including of personal visit visas, tourist visas, Umrah evisas, and also a Transit Visa for  four-day. As per the most recent regulations, any Muslim can now undertake a minor pilgrimage using one of these visa options. The Duration of  Umrah visa staying period has been extended from 30 days now upto  90 days, giving pilgrims more freedom to travel without restraints.

With this plentiful Pilgrimage services offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , it is unsurprising that the number of Umrah  pilgrims has almost reached 8 million since July of last year. This number is only one million short of the expected target of 9 million pilgrims by end of the upcoming Ramadan. The news will surely bring relief to those planning to perform Umrah during Ramadan, showcasing the Kingdom’s continuous efforts to facilitate this Spiritual and  religious travel easily.

Declare by the Ministry of Haj & Umrah Saudi Arabia.



Hajj 2023 Packages from India : How to Process and What to Know Before Booking Hajj Packages From India This Year

Hajj is one of the Mandatory five pillars of Islam and it’s a dream comes true for many Muslims across Globe. Booking process For Indian Nationals either planning and booking a Hajj package can be overwhelming.  Moreover with the help of Hajj Commite of India Government of India Ministry of Minority Affairs (Statutory body constituted under the Act of Parliament No. 35 of 2002 or approved tour operators and travel agencies, the process has become significantly easier This Year.

Guidlines For Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (C.E.)

Last date for  Submission of Haj Application Form For Indian Nationals Via  – Haj Commite of India is 10 March 2023 .

  1. Read the Guidelines carefully before filling Haj Commite of India Application Form.
  2. The Haj Application Form (HAF) can be Filled and submitted online at Website or you can Downloadn Android Mobile App “HAJ COMMITTEE OF INDIA available on Google Playstore.
  3. The expenditure for Indian Haj pilgrimage mentioned in the Guidelines is liable to change as per charges ar the concerned agencies from time to time.
  4. The last date for submission of online HAF is 10th March, 2023.
  5. The Photographs pasted on Form and attached to Passport should be same. This avoids especially during scrutiny and endorsement of Haj Visa. Photo Must be Colour photographs having white background 70% face Visible, of size 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm size shall be used. Name and Passport number shall be writ back of photograph attached.

Haj Pilgrims Standard Baggage allowed

Check-in-Bag Two (2)Suitcases Upto 20 Kgs Each – 158 CM Total Dimensions Lenght+Breadh+Height
Hand Bag One (1) upto 7 Kg
Standard Size Baggage

Haj Indian Pilgrims must record their Cover Number, Name, Address, Flight Number & Embarkation Point on their bags by bold marker pen for easy identification. In absence of this information on their bags, it would be difcult to trace the missing baggage.

Pilgrim should afix the Baggage stickers provided by the Haj Commite of India at the Haj Camp of Respective Regions along with other travel documents so as to enable their baggage reach the intending pilgrims at their buildings of accommodation.

GUIDELINES FOR HAJ – 1444 (H) – 2023 (C.E.)

From Government of India Ministry of Minority Affairs -HAJ COMMITTEE OF INDIA.


  1. Aspirants who are physically and financially capable of performing Haj may apply for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) subject to the criteria mentioned in the below guidelines
    hereunder and the guidelines/instructions issued by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) from time to time for Haj 2023
  2. As the arrangements for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) are being made under special circumstances due to CoVID-19 pandemic, the entire process of inviting applications for Indian pilgrims for Haj 2023 will be provisional till the final guidelines of KSA are announced. In this case of change in circumstances due to fresh outbreak of CoVID-19 cases or any other reasons, KSA may impose further restrictions related to eligibility criteria for international pilgrims, vaccination status, and other CoVID-19 protocols which shall be made applicable for all the pilgrims selected for Haj. It may be noted that only those persons who are fully vaccinated with approved CoVID-19 vaccine, at least one month before actual departure for Haj2023 will be allowed to travel for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE).
  3. It is also expected that the KSA may review its Guidelines/instructions on Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (C.E.) including cancellation of the Haj pilgrimage entirely or partially for International pilgrims depending upon the conditions prevailing at the time of Haj. In such circumstances, the Haj Committee of India (HCol) shall not be liable for any change in eligibility criteria for pilgrims or cancellation of the Haj process either completely/partially, or for any financial obligations or any other circumstances that may arise due to the decisions taken by the KSA.
  4. It is expected that the expenditure under the package of HCoI for a pilgrim for Haj 2023 would be less than that of Haj 2022. However, the actual amount for pilgrims will be finalized only after hiring of services for the pilgrims in India and Saudi Arabia.Pilgrims who are capable of undertaking Haj shall only apply after validating their eligibility conditions and should have the means and wherewithal for undertaking Haj in line with the eligibility norms for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.).
  5. Haj Committee of India (hereinafter referred to as HCol), a Statutory Body under Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India, constituted under the Haj Committee Act, (No.35 of 2002), hereby issues the guidelines for persons willing to apply for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.). It is advised that persons willing to perform Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (CE.) may read the guidelines carefully before submitting the online Haj Application

Form (hereinafter referred to as HAF).

  • HCol in its mandate under Haj Committee of India Act, 2002, makes arrangements for the Haj        pilgrims within India in consultation and coordination with other stakeholders. The Consulate General of India in Jeddah (hereinafter referred to as CGI) is the agency responsible for making arrangements for pilgrims and to redress their grievances after their arrival in Jeddah/Madinah Munawwarah airport and during their stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    (hereinafter referred to as KSA). The Ministry of Civil Aviation (hereinafter referred to as MoCA) is the nodal agency responsible for the Air Charter Arrangements for Haj pilgrims and their belongings during transit. The Ministry
    of Health and Family Welfare(hereinafter referred to as MoH&FW) arranges Vaccines and other medical assistance for pilgrims during Haj period.
  • HCol has administrative relations with the State/Union Territory Haj Committees (hereinafter referred to as SHCs), in respect of Haj operations and NOT with any private individual/agency/association.
  • The details of amounts to be paid by the pilgrims through the Bank to HCoI will be notified by HCol on its website. The pilgrims will also be informed through their respective SHCs and via SMSs. Pilgrims are advised to take utmost care so as not to fall prey to any individual/ agency/association claiming to work for or on behalf of HCol. The pilgrims should not pay any amount to any private individual, agency, or association for arrangements related to Haj 2023. If anyone is found falsely claiming that he works for HCoI, or demands money for extending some favour, the pilgrim may file a report against such person before the Chief Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, 7-A, MRA Marg, Mumbai- 400001 through post or by sending a message on email id or by FAX on 022 – 22630461.
  • Shia Haj pilgrims who opt for JOHFA as Meeqat should indicate the same while applying for Haj 2023. Such pilgrims will be required to pay an additional amount for this facility and the amount to be paid will be intimated in due course.
  • As per the policy, an individual can perform Haj through HCoI only “once in a lifetime”. Those who have performed Haj earlier through HCoI, will not be eligible to apply for Haj-2023. In the case of Mehram for lady pilgrims, and of companions accompanying the pilgrims over 70 years of age, the repeaters (those repeating Haj through HCoI) will be allowed on payment of additional charges, as applicable from time to time. In such cases, the pilgrim has to submit a solemn declaration and undertaking to the effect that no first-time Mehram/Companion is available in their family.
  • AVAILABILITY OF GUIDELINES AND HAJ APPLICATION: The pilgrims may download guidelines for Haj 1444 (H) – 2023 (C.E.) from the website of HCol at Haj Application Form (HAF) may be filled and submitted online at or through the Android Mobile App “HAJ COMMITTEE OF INDIA” available on Google Playstore. After filling HAF, a copy may be downloaded for submission in respective SHCs along with relevant documents like Passport and Remittance Receipt at the later stage on selection.
  • ELIGIBILITY FOR HAJ: Haj is obligatory for Muslims having physical and financial competency to perform Haj. The Saudi Guidelines on eligibility to perform Haj or Umrah, specify that the pilgrim should be physically, behaviourally, and mentally fit. Any Muslim citizen of India can apply for Haj pilgrimage except; (a) Any person who is not in possession of machine readable valid Indian International Passport issued on or before 10.03.2023 and valid at least upto 03.02.2024.(b) Haj Repeaters: Any person who has performed Haj earlier in his/her life through HCol except a person who has applied under the categories of Mehram for a lady pilgrim or as a companion for pilgrims aged 70 years or above, on the basis of appropriate solemn Declaration and Undertaking. (c) Any person found to have furnished false information shall not be allowed to proceed for Haj. In such cases, he/she will be disqualified at any stage and de-boarded, at the Embarkation Point. The entire amount deposited by him/her shall also be forfeited. Besides, he/she may be prosecuted for making an incorrect/false Declaration. These conditions will also apply for concealing the fact of having performed Haj earlier as well as for Hajj-e-Badal pilgrims. (d) Those with severe medical conditions such as Terminal Cancer, Advanced Cardiac, Respiratory, Liver, Kidney diseases, Infectious Tuberculosis disease, or Senility. (e) Ladies not accompanying with Sharia Mehram, except ladies travelling without their Mehram as stipulated in Sr.No.5 of Haj Policy for Haj-2023. (f) Ladies in advanced stage of pregnancy, in which case the international flying standards will be followed.(g) Any person against whom a Court Order prohibiting travel abroad exists. (h) Applicant below the age of 18 years except those for whom consent of parents /legal guardian has been obtained.
  • HAJ MANAGEMENT PROCESS: (a) HAJ ANNOUNCEMENT: Haj Process starts with the Haj announcement made by the Ministry of Minority Affairs (MoMA), Government of India. Subsequent to Haj announcement, the HCol notifies information for all the intending pilgrims, about the dates of commencement of submitting the application forms and the last date of filling HAF, the validity of the Passport, etc. Persons intending to apply for Haj are advised to adhere to the timelines announced for Haj-2023.(b) The Haj Committee of India has made all necessary preparations for inviting application through online portal. Individuals who are willing to apply for Haj 2023 are advised to go through the guidelines carefully to confirm their eligibility and to keep a copy of the following documents ready for submission while applying for Haj 2023:(i) PASSPORT: All intending pilgrims should possess machine readable valid Indian Passport issued before the closing date of application. The Ministry of External Affairs has issued instructions to all Regional Passport Offices to facilitate issuing of passport to intending Haj pilgrims.
  • (ii) BANK ACCOUNT: Bank account of persons named as the Cover Head is mandatory for making the Haj Application. It is advised that the pilgrims open/update their Bank Account to facilitate the refunds, if any, in their Bank Accounts digitally through RTGS/NEFT. (iii) MOBILE NUMBER: The pilgrims are required to mention their own correct mobile number in the Haj application form to enable the HCoI/SHCs to sendnecessary information and instruction on Haj to them through SMS/Voice messages. The arrangement for dissemination of information through


How to Book Itikaf Registration Ramazan 2023 Officially Announced For The Two Holy Mosques Makkah and Madina

How to Book Itikaf in Ramazan 2023 Registration Announced For The Two Holy Mosques Makkah and Madina

Makkah Saudi Arabia : The General Presidency for the Affairs of  Two Holy Mosques Makkah and Madina  has announced that the registration of Itikaf for the month of Ramadan 1444.

Registration will commence and Start accepting  from 25 Sha’ban and will continue until 10 Ramadan 1444 or Ramadan 2023

The registration for I’tikaf Itikaf (Aetikaf) in the Two Holy Mosques Last 10 Days of Ramadan 1444.

The Ministry of General Presidency Haj & Umrah of the Two Holy Mosques opened registration Starting from 25 Shaban which will continue until 10th of Ramadan 1444 Hijri.

The below link are registration portal for Booking Itikaf or (Aetikaf) and can only be accessed within Saudi Arabia only through the following links:

Booking for Itikaf or (Aetikaf) in Makkah Masjid Al Haram, :

Booking for Itikaf or (Aetikaf)  in Madina Masjid Al Nabawi :