Saudi Visit Visa Holders can be extended 7 days before its expiry upto 180 Days

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) said that the Saudi Arabia visit visa could be extended seven days before its expiry date with the condition of having a valid medical insurance.

The Saudi visit visa for individuals ( Saudi Visa Stamping) can be extended through the host’s account on Absher platform, seven days before its validity expires, provided that the visitor has medical insurance in accordance with the specific conditions of the service to complete the procedure.

Jawazat noted that the instructions require that the total extension of the visit visa must not exceed 180 days, while it confirmed that a fine for delaying the extension of the visit visa would be imposed if three days have passed since its expiry date.

Converting a Saudi visitor visa into a Saudi residential visa is not possible, Jawazat confirmed.

It also noted that if the host’s record contains traffic violations, it does not hinder the renewal of the visitor’s visa for those on his record through the Absher platform.

And the expiration of the host’s resident identity also does not hinder the extension of the visitor’s visit visa.

Umrah Pilgrims Can Stay Upto 90 Days and use any airport in Saudi Arabia

Umrah Pilgrims Can Stay Upto 90 Days and use any airport in Saudi Arabia.

JEDDAH — The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has clarified that all the Umrah Visa Holders can Stay upto 90 Days in Saudi Arabia and  there are no specified airports for arrival of Umrah pilgrims in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia. The Umrah Guest / pilgrim can enter and leave any international or regional airport in the country.

All the Umrah Guests can now travel to any city in Saudi Arabia travelling by holdng Valid Umrah Visa. Must have a Confirmation from Umrah Operator.
The ministry declare that the maximum duration of Umrah Pilgrims  can stay on Umrah visa in the Kingdom is 90 days and the Umrah Visa Validity is for 90 Days ,Once the Visa is Approved.
and all the Umrah Pilgrims are free to move between Makkah, Madinah and all other cities in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry of Hajj & Umrah explained that pilgrims can plan the Umrah program and apply for visas through the electronic platforms approved for Umrah services for individuals.

Umrah visit must be authorized – Eatmarna app to ensure that the pilgrim is not infected with coronavirus or has contacted an infected person.

Registration on the Eatmarna app and the issuance of Umrah permits requires a valid Umrah visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia tourist visa holders now allowed to perform Umrah HajjUmrah Ministry

Guests who hold a Tourist type visa to visit Saudi Arabia can now perform Umrah during their stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced on Thursday.

Below the List of Saudi Arabia Tourist E Visa Eligible Countries.

The Saudi eVisa will be a one-year, multiple entry visa, allowing tourists to spend up to 90 days in the country. It covers tourism-related activities and Umrah (excluding Hajj season) and excludes other activities as studying.

  2. United States Of America
  13. FRANCE
  15. GREECE
  20. ITALY
  21. LATVIA
  25. MALTA
  26. MONACO
  28. NORWAY
  29. POLAND
  32. RUSSIA
  36. SPAIN
  37. SWEDEN
  41. BRUNEI
  43. JAPAN

Eligible Guests and who can apply for The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Tourist Evisa online, will benefit from evisa services, The ministry said, that those Guests are eligible for e-visas can also obtain a tourist visa.

The ministry of Saudi Arabia  also said that holders of US, UK and Schengen visas Holders are also qualify to perform Umrah while visiting The Saudi Arabia, adding that Guests who hold family visit visas can also apply to perform Umrah while in the Kingdom by applying through the Eatmarna app.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia removed barriers that were placed around the Kaaba just in time for Umrah season.

The barriers in Makkah had been placed during the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the Kingdom’s preventative measures.
Over the years, Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars on making one of the world’s biggest religious gatherings and more secure for all the Pilgrims and Guests to Serve them Better.

An economic reform plan by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aims to increase Umrah and Hajj capacity to 30 million pilgrims annually and to generate $13.32 billion (50 billion riyals) in revenue by 2030.

United Arab Emirates Uae-India flights Airline launches Independence Day offer one-way tickets for Dh330

United Arab Emirates Uae-India flights Airline launches Independence Day offer one-way tickets for Dh330

United Arab Emirates Uae-India flights Airline launches Independence Day offer one-way tickets Starting from Dh330

India’s flag Airline, Air India has launched a special Independence Day offer from all GCC stations for passengers travelling to India.

All Guests are allowed to Carry 35kg as check in baggage allowance and 8kg hand luggage.

Flight tickets Departure from UAE to major Indian cities Like,  Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, will cost passengers as low as Dh330. (Subject to Availability).

Under initiative of “One India One Fare”, The Airline offers attractive and best Affordable one-way fares from all Gulf Stations Including Saudi Arabia  (except Oman) on all direct flights to any destination in India.


Passengers can avail of the offer from August 8 and 21, 2022.

Passengers are allowed 35kg as check in baggage allowance and 8kg of hand luggage on all tickets sold during the promotion period for travel till Oct 15, 2022.

According to Air India regional manager PP Singh, “UAE contribute 50 per cent in terms of flights operating in the Gulf and 56 per cent in terms of seats offered out of Gulf.

“Air India, including Air India Express’, Gulf operations amount to 81,000 seats per week.”

Limited seats, available under the scheme, would be offered to the passengers on first come first serve basis.

These special fares would be available on Air India Website/Mobile app and through authorised travel agents.

For the first time, Air India has come up with such an attractive offer provided simultaneously from all the Gulf stations to India.

One-way all inclusive special fares are applicable on direct flights of Air India from each Airport.

Validity Sales Till : August 8 and 21, 2022

Validity Travel up to Oct 15, 2022

*Fares may vary due currency variations .

Umrah Why Should You Choose Umrah OTA And Musafir Services Umrah Online Booking System?

How to Book Umrah Packages 2022 Online?

We are an Authorized Umrah Travel Agency Registered by the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah We provide Umrah Packages Online and Offline, that can help you to book Umrah packages easily including with Umrah eVisa. . We have an option for Chat Support We provide Packages (local Umrah Saudi Arabia  and Umrah International- From any Country) that are given by the permission of marketing for the Visa  and packages 2022 of the Hajj and Umrah 2022 pilgrimage Season.

As borders are fully open up for Saudi Umrah- Saudi tourism and traveling across the world, many of you would want to explore places, going on an Umrah pilgrimage, or visiting holy places. The two holiest pilgrimages for the Islamic community are the Hajj and Umrah. While The Hajj can only be performed during the month of Dhul Hijjah, pilgrims are welcome to perform Umrah any time of the year. Both Hajj and Umrah have one destination as the focal point—Kaaba. Kaaba is situated in the mosque known as Masjid-Al-Haraam.

Now Worshippers can enter Saudi Arabia for Umrah pilgrimage only when they have a special Umrah Visa. For people who are residents of Saudi Arabia and are working in the country, no special documentation is needed. Also, there is no limit for how many times a person can visit to perform Umrah or Hajj. But, the Umrah Visa is valid for two weeks only. You have to complete Umrah and leave before the Umrah Visa expires.

After COVID-19, many regulations have to be followed such as getting the vaccine and PCR test done or even quarantine in a few cases. To know more about the same, read our article on COVID-19 Regulations You Must Know to Perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

How to Book an Umrah 2022 Package?

You can be assisted by the Umrah OTA to acquire your Pilgrimage Visa and choose the destinations that you would like to visit. There are different ready-to-book Umrah packages available with the OTAs. Booking an Umrah package in advance assures that you shall have a hassle-free travel experience.

Here are four simple steps you can follow to book Umrah online easily through a booking system.

  • Search for hotels, and transportation according to your requirements on the online booking system
  • Select from a wide range of hotels and compare prices
  • Confirm your selected bookings through the online booking system
  • Make online payment securely to get your bank reference number (BRN) and get ready for your holy tour

Why Packages 2022 Book with Musafir Umrah Services?

The following vaccines are approved by the Government of Saudi Arabia: Two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, and Moderna, and one dose of Jansen (Johnson & Johnson).

If you have received two doses of SinoPharm or SinoVac, you are considered fully vaccinated, but you will have to receive a booster shot of any one of these vaccines—Pfizer-BioNTech, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

What if you have taken a vaccine in your country that is not approved by WHO?

Well, if you wish to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah and the vaccine your country has provided you is not approved by WHO or Saudi Arabia, you have to follow the below-mentioned regulations:

  • Submit a PCR test taken at most 72 hours before departure from your country
  • Comply with institutional quarantine for 5 days after reaching Saudi Arabia
  • Take two Coronavirus tests—first within 24 hours and second on the 5th day of arrival
  • Quarantine ends when the Coronavirus test proves negative

Why Book with Musafir Umrah Services?

Musafir Umrah is one of the OTAs that is a renowned service provider of Saudi Arabia, offering pilgrims different Umrah packages. We bring to you a wide range of hotels and transportation with the help of our online booking platform. We are official partners of the Maqam GDS, and at Umrah online booking system, we strive to offer a convenient and faster experience to generate BRNs.

Here’s why you should consider Musafir Umrah’s booking system to book Umrah online.

You Can Customize your Umrah 2022 Packages

At Musafir Umrah, you can request a customised Umrah package tailor-made to fit your plans. You may choose the accommodation, transportation, and destinations that you would like to visit. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to customise and manage your Umrah package.

We Offer the Best Customer Service

You shall receive from us the most helpful customer service through, chat, email, or call. Our customer support team is available 24×7 to assist you with all the Umrah package requirements and answer your queries.

The Online Booking System is User-Friendly

You can use the Musafir Umrah online booking system on any device. The interface is user-friendly and gives you a good experience of booking a tour package online. You can browse the Musafir Umrah website in English and Arabic to easily navigate through the pages.

Get the Best Deals on Hotel and Transportation

We give the best prices for your Umrah accommodation and travel. You can compare the prices of different hotels and book the one that suits you. At Musafir Umrah, you get transportation, travel, and ground services supplied in partnership with the Maqam GDS.

Musafir Umrah was established in 1981, and since then, we have been helping the pilgrims to complete their Umrah pilgrimage conveniently. You may trust our reliable services to book the best Umrah package for you

IndiGo Airline Sharjah-Hyderabad flight diverted to Karachi in Pakistan 2nd time in a weeks Report

IndiGo Airline Makes Emergency Landing Sharjah-Hyderabad flight diverted to Karachi in Pakistan 2nd time in a weeks, All passengers aboard IndiGo Airways fight are safe.Report.

An Indian airlines Indigo flight, travelling from UAE, Sharjah to India’s  City Hyderabad had to divert to Pakistan’s Karachi after the pilot reported a technical defect error.

In a statement, that the airlines said that the plane made a precautionary landing in Karachi and all the passengers are safe. According to sources from Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, the right engine of the aircraft had failed.

IndiGo Airways flight 6E-1406, operating from Sharjah to Hyderabad was diverted to Karachi. The Indigo pilot observed a technical defect. Necessary procedures were followed and as a precaution measure, the aircraft was diverted to Karachi. An additional flight is being sent to Karachi to fly the passengers to Hyderabad,” the airline said in a release.

The Airline engine had issues as soon as the pilots achieved cruising altitude while passing over Pakistani airspace, following which they took a professional decision to divert to Karachi instead of putting the life at risk of over 100 passengers when flying over the Arabian sea, sources said.

  • IndiGo is reportedly also planning to send a replacement aircraft to Karachi to fly all the passengers to Hyderabad.An IndiGo flight between Sharjah to  Hyderabad was on Sunday 17 July 2022 diverted to Karachi in Pakistan after the pilot reported a technical snag in the aircraft. This is the second such incident in two weeks when an Indian airline has made a landing in Karachi.

    This incident is being examined by authorities at the airport, according to news agency ANI. IndiGo is reportedly also planning to send a replacement aircraft to Karachi.

    @IndiGo flight 6E-1406, operating from Sharjah to Hyderabad was diverted to Karachi. The pilot observed a technical defect. Necessary procedures were followed and as a precaution, the aircraft was diverted to Karachi,” IndiGo said in a press release.

    “After the pilot of the Sharjah-Hyderabad flight observed a technical defect in the aircraft, as a precaution the aircraft was diverted to Karachi, Pakistan. An additional flight is being sent to Karachi to fly the passengers to Hyderabad,” read a statement by the airlines, as quoted by ANI.

    All passengers onboard were safe.