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Musafir Services Covid 19 Testing Service ,As restrictions are gradually being lifted, many destination countries require a medical certificate showing proof of a negative test result for Covid-19, either to gain entry or to avoid the need to quarantine.

Even in cases where the destination country does not require proof of a negative result, knowing you are coronavirus free before traveling to a foreign country can give you an extra peace of mind.

We offer ‘Safe to Fly’certificates or COVID-19 certification for a small additional fee.

This helps customers to get tested in laboratories nearest to them.customers can also opt for tests at their doorsteps by professional healthcare personnel.

Confusing where you can get yourself or your family member tested for COVID-19 in Hyderabad? Before your Travel How long do you need to wait for your test reports to arrive? What is the price of the test? Are testing facilities available at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad?

Read the below to find answers to all your questions regarding coronavirus Covid19 Rt Pcr testing in Hyderabad.

What types of tests are available in Hyderabad, India?

Currently, coronavirus testing in Hyderabad are of the following types, as sanctioned by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the apex body of biomedical research in India:

RT-PCR test

The RT-PCR test or Reverse transcription-polymerase Chain Reaction are considered to relay most accurate outcomes for COVID-19 diagnosis. To detect the virus’s presence, the suspect’s nasal and throat swabs are collected. Researchers use an enzyme that converts the genetic material RNA in the virus to DNA through a process called Reverse Transcription. A fluorescent signal in the RT-PCR machine marks the presence of the virus in the swab, even from asymptomatic patients.

Rapid Antibody test

In the antibodies test, laboratories probe the blood sample of the suspect for a possible antibody that the body may have developed in response to the virus infection. While they cannot really be used for the detection of virus presence, the serological test points out if the person had exposure to the virus recently. Laboratories search for the presence of two varieties of antibodies, namely, IgM and IgG antibodies, each of which arrives at different points of infection.

India Inter-state travellers, residents of containment zones, police, and paramilitary workers usually undergo this COVID test in Hyderabad. ICMR advises for a confirmatory test after the antibody test because it can result in false positives. The test is quick and inexpensive, hence the name rapid test.

What is the Rapid Antigen Test?

The antigen is a toxin that engenders an immune response in the body. Here too, the presence of the virus is checked instead of its antibody. Professionals try to do so by detecting the spike protein in the coronavirus possibly present in the nasal swab of the suspected patient.

Since the test is reliant on a small quantity of test material that doesn’t undergo multiplication like in the RT-PCR test, enough antigen material may be missing for rightful detection. This can result in false negatives. So, ICMR advises that if your antigen test comes out to be negative, you should then go for an RT-PCR test for confirmation. In Hyderabad, several Urban Primary Health Centers (UPHC) conduct the rapid antigen test.

What about TrueNat tests?

TrueNat is a chip-based testing system which is originally used to diagnose HIV and tuberculosis. It works like an RT-PCR test to detect the virus genes and not the antibody in the patient. The portable kit is battery-operated and collects nasal or throat swab.

Where can I get tested in Hyderabad?

The uptick in the number of coronavirus positive cases in Kolkata and all of India has been met with the quick rise in the number of COVID testing centres. Along with government medical centres, numerous private labs have been set up following ICMR guidelines to meet the testing demands. Below you can find a list of government and private labs in Hyderabad from where you can get a COVID test report.

How much do COVID tests in Hyderabad cost?

ICMR encourages labs and hospitals to conduct tests free of cost or at least at affordable rates. Expect to Pay around INR Rs 1000 as it is the new cap rate in Hyderabad. This is inclusive of Personal Protective Equipment and the cost of the test itself. For Covid 19 Sample home collection such as we Musafir Services ‘at your door’ testing, the charge is on the higher side for the added logistics. it is INR 1,200.

When should you take a COVID test?

As of now , Even if you are travelling Domestic in India, it is mandatory to have Covid-19 Negative report to travel.

Before 72 Hours of Travel date.

What documents are needed for a COVID test?

You only need to submit your Hyderabad address proof using government ID (Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voter card) and ICMR specimen re for COVID-19. For some labs, you can find similar patient information forms on their respective website like the one for, which can be downloaded from their app. At the time of sample collection, the lab will also collect your phone number.

What happens after the test?

Testing labs would inform you of the results of the test either via phone or over email. follow along with the directions of the health officials. Other residents of your home are likely to undergo a COVID test as per the health team’s instructions. They would also start contact tracing and put them in quarantine unless a test is arranged.

Asymptomatic cases or those with mild symptoms are often deemed suitable for home isolation. Apartments with at least two separate rooms with separate washrooms can qualify for home isolation. Otherwise, medical officials would transfer you to a COVID care centre.

How soon can I get my Covid Test?

There are multiple tests for COVID and each test takes its own time to come up with the results. The tests could take a few hours or even a few days to get the results out. This entirely depends on the kind of test as well as the hospital. If the hospital isn’t under pressure then delivering the results may not take that much time.

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Last updated on 03 April, 2021