Updated 01 December 2021

Saudi Arabia international border reopening has been a piece of welcome news to travellers around the world looking to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

However, as per the latest announcement made by the Saudi government, direct entry for Indian travellers available starting from 01 December 2021 . Keep reading to find out the latest developments and news concerning travelling  India to Saudi Arabia flights.

India to Saudi Arabia flight open date 01 December 2021

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that it will lift the travel ban on expats from six countries including India that was put in place to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Direct entry for travellers arriving from India, Pakistan Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam & Egypt, will be available starting 1 December. Travellers from India and said countries will no longer be required to transit for14 days outside their countries prior to making their way to Saudi Arabia.

However, travellers will still be required to serve a five-day quarantine at a government-approved accommodation after arriving, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

As of now, the following categories of people are exempted from this travel ban:
  • Saudi citizens, their families and accompanying workers
  • Diplomats and their families
  • Health practitioners, health supply chain personnel
  • Airlines’ crews
  • Fully vaccinated residents with valid residency permits (Iqama) and left the Kingdom on an exit and re-entry visa after taking two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from Saudi Arabia.
  • Faculty members and the like in universities, colleges and institutes.
  • Teachers in general education.
  • Training Authority at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) and training institutes.
  • Scholarship students.

Travel from India to Saudi is restricted to exempted categories only. All travellers from India are required to constantly check flight schedules for the latest information on flights to Saudi.

As per the Saudia website, a few weekly flights will be operating from India to Saudi. The popular passenger routes operate between India – Riyadh and India – Jeddah.

Guidelines and requirements for travellers into the Kingdom

Vaccination requirements

All visitors must carry proof of vaccination (vaccine certificates for COVID 19) with one of these vaccines:

  • 2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech
  • 2 doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca
  • 2 doses of Moderna
  • 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen

The duration between receiving the last dose (the second dose of a two-dose vaccine or the first dose of a single dose vaccine) should not be less than 14 days before travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, travellers who have completed two doses of Sinopharm and Sinovac will also be accepted on the condition that they have received an additional dose of one of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom mentioned above.

Testing requirements

All visitors (except Saudi citizens and children below 8 years of age) must provide a negative PCR test certificate issued from a verified laboratory that does not exceed 72 hours from the time the test is undertaken until departing to the kingdom. Without the certificate, visitors will be denied boarding.

All guests, except passengers under the age of eight, must undergo two PCR Tests, within 24 hours of arrival and on the 5th day of arrival. If the result is negative, they are permitted to leave quarantine on the 5th day.

Note that fully vaccinated travellers will not be required to take a PCR test on arrival. Residents still need to provide a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Quarantine requirements

The current institutional/home quarantine procedures for guests coming from India are as follows:

  • Non Immune Saudi citizens:
      • PCR tests are not required before travelling.
      • Must comply with Home quarantine for (5) days and test after the end of the 5th day.
  • Immune Saudi citizens:
      • No procedure is applied
  • Immune Non-citizens:
      • Must provide PCR test that not exceed (72) hours before boarding.
      • No quarantine is required nor PCR after arrival.
  • Non-Immune Health practitioners and their families and companions who under (18):
      • Must provide PCR test that not exceed 72 hours before boarding.
      • Working in Government sectors: Must comply with home quarantine for (5) days with 2 PCR tests; one within (24) hours and after the end of the 5th day
      • Working in Private sectors: Must comply with institutional quarantine for (5) days with PCR tests, one within (24) hours and after the end of the 5th day.
  • Non Immune Diplomats and their families:
      • Must provide PCR test that not exceed (72) hours before boarding.
      • Must comply with Home quarantine for 5 days and PCR test after the end of the 5th day
  • Non-diplomatic workers in embassies, consulates and international organizations accredited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and their families and accompanying workers:
      • Must provide PCR test that not exceed (72) hours before boarding.
      • Must comply with institutional quarantine for (5) days with PCR tests, one within (24) hours and after the end of the 5th day.

India to Saudi Arabia flight schedules 2021

According to their website, Saudia has multiple daily flights available departing from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore to cities in Saudi Arabia the likes of Jeddah, Riyadh and Madinah. Please note that these flights are not operating at the moment because of the suspension.

MUMBAI – JEDDAH Direct flights available

MUMBAI – RIYADH Direct flights available


HYDERABAD– JEDDAH Direct Flights Available

Please visit the airline’s official webpage for the full schedule.

India  International Airlines flight schedule for the month of June to cities in Saudi Arabia including Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and Madinah mostly consist of weekly flights departing from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

For complete schedules and bookings for India – Saudi Arabia flights, please do visit our flights page.