The Most Prominent Mosques in Makkah

Where rich history, amazing architecture, and high spirituality lay 

There are more to Makkah than Al Masjid Al Haram, for sure it can’t be compared to any other place in the world, However, there are many other mosques in Makkah with great historical and religious significance. 

Let’s explore some of the most famous ones…

Mosques in Makkah – Al Bayah Mosque

The Mosque of Allegiance stands tall and witnesses the first pledge of allegiance in Islam when the Messenger pledged allegiance to only 12 people from Aws and Khazraj. It was built by the Abbasid Caliph Abu Jaafar Al Mansour in 144 AH, corresponding to 761 AD, to commemorate the place and it is one of the most important historical monuments in Makkah.

This mosque also witnessed the second pledge of allegiance to Aqaba, in which the number of supporters increased to 73. The mosque is 300 meters away from the Jamarat Bridge at the bottom of Mina Valley. It has an exposed roof, where all the prayers are held. The mosque preserves many of its original structural inscriptions.

Mosques in Makkah – Al Jarana Mosque (Hunayn Battle)

It is one of the most important historical sites in Makkah. It is located in the village of Al Jarana, It was built at the beginning of the 3rd century, However, its location was witness to one of the most important invasions in Islamic history. This is where Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa PBUH descended after his return from the Battle of Hunayn and divided the spoils of Hawazen, and that is why it was known as the Hunayn Battle Mosque.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w started his Ihram from this Mosque on his 3rd Umrah, that’s why it is considered a Miqat for the people of Makkah. Throughout the years the mosque has witnessed many expansions up till today it is reported that its area is about 1000 square meters. 

Mosques in Makkah – Al Hudaibiya Mosque

The monument was originally built with black stone and plaster, the new one is built next to it on Old Jeddah Road. Al Hudaybiyah region is named after the well and the tree where the companions’ allegiance to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. This allegiance was later known as Bai’ah Ar-Ridhwan. 

In the sixth year of the Hijra, the pledge of allegiance to Al Radwan took place under this tree, followed by the signing of peace between Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and the polytheists for 10 years.

Mosques in Makkah – Al Mash’ar Al Haram Mosque

A Mosque of great status and significance, it is located in Muzdalifa and it is where Prophet Muhammad s.a.w used for Qibla in his farewell Hajj. The mosque was a squared shaped mosque with a very modest structure and somehow small in size without a roof and with six doors. 

During the ruling of Al Saud, the mosque was rebuilt and expanded to look the way it is now. A rectangular-shaped, for five million riyals, with an area of ​​5,040 square meters, a capacity of 12,000 worshipers, and a length of 90 meters (from east to west), and a width of 56 meters, and two lighthouses 32 meters tall located at the end of the mosque. It has three entrances on each of the eastern, northern, and southern sides, and beautiful pointed windows and balconies all around its roof.

Mosques in Makkah – Al Khaif Mosque

The Qibla for the Messengers of Allah, as 70 of Messengers prayed in it. Al Khaif Mosque is situated in Mina where pilgrims offer their prayers during their stay at Mina. It is 25,000 square meters in area and can accommodate 25,000 pilgrims.