Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Announces Issuance of Ramazan Umrah Permits For Pilgrims.

Blog Review by Musafir Services Team.

The Ministry of Haj & Umrah  officials have announced that they start granting permits to individuals Pilgrim who wish to perform  Umrah during the holy month of Ramazan/ Ramadan. Pilgrims can request a permit online via the Nusuk App. As Ramazan holds special Spiritual significance in Islam, it is Most preferred time for pilgrims to perform Umrah, resulting in a surge and High demand for Umrah bookings Around the world.

To ease and simplify the process of requesting  permits and for arranging packages for Umrah, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has employed the Authorized Umrah Travel Agents accordingly. They will allow Pilgrims to obtain the necessary visa for performing Umrah2023 and visiting holy sites, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Moreover, the Saudi  Kingdom is providing pilgrims with multiple visa options, including of personal visit visas, tourist visas, Umrah evisas, and also a Transit Visa for  four-day. As per the most recent regulations, any Muslim can now undertake a minor pilgrimage using one of these visa options. The Duration of  Umrah visa staying period has been extended from 30 days now upto  90 days, giving pilgrims more freedom to travel without restraints.

With this plentiful Pilgrimage services offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , it is unsurprising that the number of Umrah  pilgrims has almost reached 8 million since July of last year. This number is only one million short of the expected target of 9 million pilgrims by end of the upcoming Ramadan. The news will surely bring relief to those planning to perform Umrah during Ramadan, showcasing the Kingdom’s continuous efforts to facilitate this Spiritual and  religious travel easily.

Declare by the Ministry of Haj & Umrah Saudi Arabia.