Everything You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia Quddum Platform New Arrival Registration system.

Government of Saudi Arabia has recently implemented The Quddum platform to  facilitate further travellers around the globe looking to enter the Saudi Arabia KSA country.

All you need to know about The Saudi Arabia’s new platform for arrival registration; requirements, Terms and conditions, How to register as well as who can benefit from the services.

What is the Saudi Arabia Quddum platform?

The Quddum is an arrival registration new platform for international inbound travelers to Saudi Arabia arriving for various purposes. This platform was launched with the aim of easing and simplifying entry procedures at various countries border ports.

The Quddum Platform allows those coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to register their COVID-19 vaccination status on the platform before their arrival. In the portal, All Passengers and travelers travelling to Saudi Arabia must register and update their vaccine status at least 72 hours before arrival.

Who can register in Quddum Platform ?

The Quddum platform allows the following to register and benefit from its services:

  • Residents, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated
  • Visitors, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated
  • Visitors travelling for treatment/medical purposes
  • Domestic workers accompanying Saudi citizens


How to register on Quddum platform?

To register in Saudi Arabia’s Quddum platform, travelers should proceed as follows:

  • visit the Absher platform and select ‘Arrival Platform’
  • you’d like to change the language to English, click on “English”
  • Now select the category most relevant to you. Available categories include vaccinated/non-vaccinated visitors and residents, medical visitors, and domestic workers accompanying a Saudi citizen
  • Enter your Iqama number and date of birth or visa number for visitors
  • select “Verify”
  • Next page, select “Arrival Type” and enter “Flight No” and “Arrival Date”
  • Then, enter the “Arrival Destination” and select “Airline” from the drop-down menu
  • Enter the captcha code and accept the “Acknowledge Statement” stating the entered information is correct
  • Click on “Confirm”
  • Your Quddum registration will be complete now

Saudi Quddum Platform Conditions for registration.

To be able to register on the Quddum platform, Both residents and visitors must be able to satisfy the following.

Vaccinated residents Travelling to Saudi Arabia.

  • Residents should be outside of Saudi Arabia, at the time of registration,
  • The registration should be done within 72 hours before flying/entry into KSA
  • The Tawakkalna status should be Immune, Immune by the first dose, Immune by recovery
  • Information must be correct. Providing inaccurate information may lead to restrictions in travelling and entering the Kingdom
  • If the spouse is also travelling with the resident, then they should be registered as a companion
  • Register the children, if any, under 18 years as companions
  • Domestic workers should be registered with the travelling resident
  • Make sure to download, install and register in the Tawakkalna app before arriving in KSA

Vaccinated visitors Travelling to Saudi Arabia.

  • Visitors must have taken the vaccine doses approved by the Saudi health ministry.
  • Visitors must have vaccination certificates attested by the health authorities of the traveller’s country
  • Visitors should have been vaccinated at least 14 days before travelling to Saudi Arabia
  • Visitors should keep original documents upon arriving in the Kingdom
  • The registration should be done within 72 hours before departure
  • Enter the correct information. Providing inaccurate information may lead to restrictions in travelling and entering the Kingdom
  • Make sure to download the Tawakkalna app and properly register.