The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) said that the Saudi Arabia visit visa could be extended seven days before its expiry date with the condition of having a valid medical insurance.

The Saudi visit visa for individuals ( Saudi Visa Stamping) can be extended through the host’s account on Absher platform, seven days before its validity expires, provided that the visitor has medical insurance in accordance with the specific conditions of the service to complete the procedure.

Jawazat noted that the instructions require that the total extension of the visit visa must not exceed 180 days, while it confirmed that a fine for delaying the extension of the visit visa would be imposed if three days have passed since its expiry date.

Converting a Saudi visitor visa into a Saudi residential visa is not possible, Jawazat confirmed.

It also noted that if the host’s record contains traffic violations, it does not hinder the renewal of the visitor’s visa for those on his record through the Absher platform.

And the expiration of the host’s resident identity also does not hinder the extension of the visitor’s visit visa.