Dubai :India-bound flights averted Saved Hundreds of lives after collision between them .

Dubai, probe ordered: Reports

Major collision between two India-bound flights averted.

Both the Airlines are Emirates flights, one Stars for Bengaluru and the other starts for Hyderabad, were scheduled to take off from the same runway just in a gap of 05 minutes, report said.

UAE’s aviation investigations body The Air Accident Investigation Sector has started a probe into the near-collision situation that was occur at Dubai International Airport on 09 January 2022, As two India-bound flights were scheduled for take-off on one same runway, in a gap just for five minutes. Hundreds of lives are saved after the take-off was immediately rejected, news agency ANI reported.

Flight Number “EK-524 Departure from Dubai-Hyderabad was accelerating for take-off from runway 30R, when the crew saw an aircraft coming in the same direction at high speed. Take-off was immediately instructed by ATC to be rejected. The aircraft slowed down safely and cleared the runway via taxiway N4, which crossed the runway. Another one emirates flight EK-568, from Dubai to Bangalore, was rolling for departure was to take-off from same runway 30R,” a person aware of the incident told ANI.

The Bengaluru-bound flight took off and the Hyderabad-bound flight went back to the taxi bay to wait. Confirming that such a safety breach took place on January 9 2022, Emirates AIR said as there was no aircraft damage. “On 9 January, flight EK524 was instructed by air traffic control to reject take-off on departure from Dubai and this was completed successfully,” the airline said. An internal probe has also been initiated for investigation.