Dated 05 January 2022

Umrah 2022 Update 05 Days Institutional Quarantine Mandatory

Saudi Arabia revises Umrah policy

Flying TO Saudi Arabia From India For Umrah Purpose.

Effective Immediate:- All Umrah passengers should hold a mandatory 05 days Institutional Quarantine package to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Amid fears of Omicron spread, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj restricted the issuance of Umrah permits to one permit every 10 days, ruling out the facility of performing multiple Umrahs immediately one after another.

Quarantine: Umrah 2022 Packages

All passengers including those travelling for Umrah Starting from 05/01/2022 will be required to complete 5 days institutional quarantine regardless of their vaccination status.

A 10 days waiting period is from now on mandatory between two Umrahs, a statement of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said.

Following passengers will be required to do institutional quarantine for 5 days

• Unvaccinated passengers

• Passengers who received only one dose in Saudi Arabia

• Vaccinated who have received a vaccine approved by WHO but not in Saudi Arabia

• Vaccinated who received a vaccine neither approved by WHO nor by Saudi Arabia

• Passengers travelling for Umrah (Effective 05 January 2022)

Booking your institutional quarantine stay for Indian Umrah Pilgrims

Institutional quarantine packages must be booked with us for Indigo Quarantine Packages. Your package includes your accommodation, transport to the hotel, three meals a day and two PCR tests. Prices are available upon request and hotels range from three to five stars.

Step 1

  • Packages must be booked and paid for a minimum of 72 hours before arrival into Saudi Arabia.

Step 2:

  • Please share Passport & Ticket Copy  to using the subject line ‘Saudi Arabia Quarantine Package Request’

Step 3

  • A representative from our team will contact you via phone or email within 12 hours