Umrah Guide for the Do’s and Don’ts

As you embark on your Umrah journey, make sure you follow these Do’s and Don’ts list to have a fruitful and enlightening experience and a smooth journey. Always keep calm and follow the system that has been implemented for your convenience and security. This is a simple Umrah Guide with bulleted steps.

Let’s start this voyage that you have been blessed to take with… 

The Do’s before going 

 Prepare yourself physically by doing some mild exercises like walking or jogging 3 -5 days a week, eat well and sleep well. Prepare yourself mentally by doing some extra spiritual activities like Zekr, Duaa, Nawafel, Salat Jama’a ..etc.

Write a Travelling List with all the things you will need to take with you like medicines, mobile charger, your towels, socks, appropriate clothes, and shoes..etc

Read about Umrah, its status, rewards, rules and restrictions, Sunnah, Dua’a, places to visit, stories of Sahabah, to be confident while performing your Umrah.

Complete your vaccinations, Make a copy of all the important documents and Take some snacks, and Dua’a books in your carry on.

The Do’s during Umrah 

Follow the Prophet Muhammed’s Sunnah and make sure you perform every obligation as he did. 

Keep your Distance. Always keep a safe distance between you and others, wear your mask and face shield, and wash your hands regularly or use sanitizer.

Stay Hydrated. Don’t forget to drink water while performing your Umrah. It will be good to keep a small bottle of water in your handbag.

Keep a Journal. It will be good to pen down your thoughts and reflections during this spiritual journey. It will also help you to give some pointers to family and friends who haven’t been to the holy lands when you go back.

The Do’s after you come back 

Have some rest at home before having people over or visiting anyone.

The Don’ts before, during, and after 

The main reason for your Umrah is to have some time with Allah. Worship Him, praise Him, visit the places Prophet Muhammed has been to and pray in his mosque. So keep remembering those reasons, and follow this simple Umrah Guide to ensure your safety, security, and wellbeing. 

Don’t tire yourself before traveling, to have the effort needed there.

Don’t over shop. It is always nice to get some souvenirs for family and friends when you go back, but don’t waste your time on shopping as this time is specified for other stuff.

Don’t shovel, jostle, or push others to reach Al Kaaba or The Black Stone. It is more important to keep yourself together and avoid any hassle.

Don’t leave your group at any point. Always keep a card with the leader’s contacts, your information, and the hotel information in case you got lost.

Don’t get distracted. A lot of people have found themselves disappointed by the conditions, from cleanliness to the long stretches of waiting. Focus on Allah, and not your situation, and you’ll instantly have a better mood.

Finally, keep this Umrah Guide with you. Always have your heart and mind present and remember that the primary reason for your journey is to get closer to Allah. It doesn’t involve any personal gain. So have patience, help others, and you will have a memorable time Insha’allah.

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