WHO calls Bans on travel is ineffective recommends countries to lift COVID19 ease restrictions.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in a latest COVID19 recommendation, has called Banning travel is ineffective and has suggested nations to either lift or ease present COVID-19 travel restrictions. The World Health Organization said that all these travel bans can worsen the each country economy and increase a lots of social stress.

The World Health Organization  recommended the same on Wednesday at the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on COVID-19. As per report, the nations should remove the travel bans and restrictions as the committee found “they do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced” by citizens.

Reports further stated that these travel restrictions have been incompetent in capping international spread of the Cases of Omicron variant COVID19. These shows that such travel restrictions are ineffective.

Further, the WHO report suggested to update safety measures like RT PCR testing, masking, isolation, quarantine, and vaccination should be based on risk assessments to avoid unnecessary financial burden on international travellers.

In November 2021 last year, myriad nations suspended flights to and from southern African countries, owing to rise in Omicron cases. But now, the travel ban has been lifted by most of the government Countries. WHO has also urged nations not to ask for COVID-19 vaccination proof as the only way for travellers’ entry.

Countries must consider adjusting or easing such measures, including testing and quarantine requirements, said WHO.